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Mushrooms Gone Healthy

Many mushrooms are a great source of essential vitamins. There are over 140,000 species of mushroom fungi and we are yet to discover their health promoting benefits. Fortunately the one we know more about offers excellent source of needed essentials.

As we always state throughout our blog, it is certainly not our place to use medical jargons or make any claims. We love mushrooms because they are tasty. The good for you part is simply our recommendation for you to explore and discuss with a nutrition professional.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Great source of Vitamin D: 3 OZ of Portobello provide our daily need ( about 400 IU Vitamin D).

Immune System Boost : Production of antiviral and proteins that help repair body tissues and maturation of immune system cells for better defense against microbes.

Antioxidants Loaded: Fight our bodies’ radicals that are the result of oxidation. Portobello and crimini mushrooms have about the same antioxidant as in red peppers.

Better Metabolism: Mushrooms are great source of B Vitamins necessary for transforming carbs into glucose to produce energy.

We’ve picked few links we found very helpful.

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