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Our Commitment

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Organic Mushrooms

A good number of our mushrooms, like Porcini, Chanterelles, Black Trumpet, the Wild Mix and Morels are wild and naturally grown. We simply air and sun dry at the end of each year's harvest season. Our dried Porcini is now USDA certified organic.  Next we are moving on Sliced  and Whole Shiitake. Stay tuned. 

Less Water Waste, Responsibly Grown

The good news  is about half of our mushrooms are wild grown and do not require more water than what nature provides .  We are very much commited to working with our suppliers and partners to minimize the use of water on cultivated mushrooms and peppers through eco-friendly water conservation and storage.

Responsible Packaging

The challenge we face is dried mushrooms need to be protected from air and moister to keep slices softer and allow for better rehydration when ready to be consumed. We are experimenting with post consumer recycled paper and laminated bags as a first step to lessen the use of plastic in our packging. We will get there.

Our Cost, Your Cost

As a small company we' ve got so many challenges to overcome.  Being picky about what we pack for you is our top priority. So far most of our wild mushrooms selections are foraged in Europe. Why do we bring wild mushrooms from Europe?


Because it is the best quality we can find. Our mushrooms are slow sun-air dried with an undeniable aroma and will rehydrate, cook and taste way better.

The Local Talk

We try hard to source locally harvested mushrooms. Not an easy task. We now pack beautiful organic dried Portobello sourced from Pennsylvania, and we also offer local dried oyster mushrooms from Rhode Island, when available.


We continue to develop new relationships with small and reliable foragers and growers.  Our aim is to offer the best quality products at a fair price.

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