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We Pack Wholesome   

Ahh ! Porcini.  We pack the food we love. For the most part one ingredient at a time. Simple yet exquisite. Grown in pristine corners of the earth, hand picked for sublime perfection. Sun and air dried in small batches and painstakingly hand-packed with great love and care. Open our package and indulge the aroma, you are in for a treat.

I am So Glad We've Met    

I love mushrooms. Over 14 years ago I left a job in banking to follow my passion for those exquisite fungi. It has been a great and fulfilling journey. Vivido mushrooms are air - sun dried the slow and old fashion way to give you the best taste and to protect their natural aroma and nutrients.  For me cooking with great ingredients has always been the natural way to show love and appreciation.  I've always thought that a good life happens with good foods.


- Amine Sabbagh

Finish The Story

Vivido Natural was founded with the clear goal of offering wholesome, simple and clean ingredients that could be used to easily add flavor and a bit of sophistication to everyday foods. We believe that time taken to cook good foods is time well spent. It is an all around health investment in the well being of the people we love and care about.

So, what started in 2006 with only 3 kinds of dried mushrooms has grown to a beautiful selection of over 20 mushrooms and chile peppers, and more treats are being perfected.

As we celebrate our 14th year at Vivido Natural, we are grateful to all of you who have given us the support we needed over the past decade and a half. We are looking forward to another 15 years of creating new, healthy and exciting treats.

By the way,  Vivido means Bright,  Glowing and Vibrant. What real foods should look and taste like.

vivido chanterelles jar
vivido porcini jar
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