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Chile Chipotle

Also known as Jalapeños when fresh, our Chipotle chile carries a wonderfully fruity aroma, and packs smokey heat. Allowing the chiles to ripen on the vine and dry to a deep red gives them a much sweeter presence in comparison to green jalapeños. This pepper is intense, rich, and blends seamlessly for bases of sauces.

Flavor Character:  Slightly sweet with overtones of smokiness and present heat. Medium Heat.

Reasons We Love Chile Chipotle:

Great chile for sauce base.

Chile Chipotle Goes Well With:

Ground Beef Tacos

Spicy Cole Slaw

Chicken Quesedillas

Tamale Pie

Salsas & Guacamole

Product Features

Sun Dried

All Natural

Vegetarian & Vegan

Wild Grown

No Water Waste

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