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Chile Pasilla

Pasilla peppers are commonly known as Chile Negro, or Chilaka when fresh. These peppers have raisin and floral overtones with touches of smokiness. Pasillas have mild to medium heat, making them adjustable for each meal. They are commonly used in Mole sauces, and oftentimes paired with fruit, honey, and red meat.

Flavor Character:  Berry-like overtones with smoky undertones, and a mild kick. Mild to medium heat.

Reasons We Love Chile Pasilla:

Great chile for Adobo sauces and salsas

Chile Pasilla Goes Well With:

Polenta Mushroom Sauce

Pork Tenderloin

Beef and Black Bean Chile

Cheese Enchiladas

Product Features

Sun Dried

All Natural

Vegetarian & Vegan

Wild Grown

No Water Waste

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