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Chile Guajillo

The Guajillo pepper is the dried version of the Mirasol pepper. Its characteristics include, but are not limited to smooth leathery skin, medium spice, and a complex fruity/smokey flavor. Guajillo is commonly used as a base for rich salsas and sauces in need of the perfect touch of tangy, mild heat.

Flavor Character:  Sweet and tangy spice with notes of berries and a smokey mild kick

Reasons We Love Chile Guajillo:

Great pepper for sauce base. Widely used with salsas, stews and soups.

Chile Guajillo Goes Well With:

Braised Rabbit

Rosated Lamb

Shrimp Enchiladas

Roasted Corn

Product Features

Sun Dried

All Natural

Vegetarian & Vegan

Wild Grown

No Water Waste

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